T-Minus 9 Hours

Or there about.  In Edmonton on the eve of another dental volunteer adventure.  Michelle and I head out to the airport at about 3am to fly out to Nicaragua for a two-week trip with Dentistry for All.  We are excited about the upcoming days and I hope to be able to make some blog posts along the way.  I know, I know, I make the same promise before every trip but one of these times I will good on my promises – I promise.

A few thoughts before getting an early night.

This will be my 9th dental trip since 2006 when Ian and I went to the town of Pisac in the Sacred Valley region of Peru.  What started as a notion to expand my children’s view and understanding of the world has turned into a bit of an annual habit.  This year marks my first adventure with Dentistry for All.  It will be a bit of a change on a number of fronts.  First trip with good friends Blaine and Trudy – team leaders and dental classmates.  First trip in a few years not being team leader.  First trip in a few years with a family member (Michelle) and her first trip as a full fledged dental assistant.  First trip to this particular part of Nicaragua.  You get the picture.

This post will not hit cyberspace until a week into the trip I’m afraid but is still relevant.  Some issues with Internet connectivity, available time and available energy at a time of day when on remains relatively coherent.  But here it is.

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