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So, as everyone probably suspected, my blogging has been pathetic once again. Maybe I should just give up on the whole idea. I do, however, like to think that the blog is a good way to keep in touch with people and thoughts.  I could resort to Facebook I guess.  Those of you who might read this who know me realize that this will never happen.

We have been away from Edson for seven days now.  It is Friday morning in Acuapa, Nicaragua and the sun is just rising above the hills to the east of us casting long shafts of light into the compound where we are staying.  It’s going to be a hot one I suspect.  Usually at this time of morning it is pleasantly cool in comparison to mid-day but it seems warmer today – we’ll see.  We have a have day of clinic today which will bring our week to four and a half clinic days.  We have been busy for sure but I would not say overrun by any stretch.  We see probably about one patient an hour which might not seem like much in comparison to home (or other dental trips for that matter) but if you consider this includes setup and cleanup of the ‘operatory’, examination, and treatment (often much more than you would undertake at home) it is pretty good.  Also factor in that conditions are a little more taxing on personnel than we would encounter normally I think we do pretty well.

Some patients are very simple – cleaning.  Others are more complex – two root canals, large fillings and a molar extraction for example.  We try to treat the patients as comprehensively as we can knowing that this might be their only visit to a dentist in years (past and to come).  We also have to be careful not to over do it and deny other patients the opportunity to see a dentist.  Always a delicate balance.  We do the best we can and take some solace knowing we have done a good service to those we have managed to treat but it is a sober reality that we cannot do everything for everyone all of the time.

The image above is my view in the mornings here in Achuapa.  As you can see, quite idyllic and serene – until our dental clinic gets going.  Hopefully, more to follow as we should have better internet connection on the weekend…

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