Dawson City, October 16, 2016

Some shit you just can’t make up…


Sorry about that one, just couldn’t resist.  Help me for I have punned.  Again.

It’s early morning in Dawson City and the last couple of hours before heading off to photograph the grizzlies north of the circle here in the Yukon.  We arrived here yesterday after spending a day in Whitehorse – see last post about the wildlife photography there.  Spent the better part of the day wandering around Dawson (the locals seem to drop the City routinely) which seems like a bit of a ghost town at this time of year.  Most of the businesses are boarded up for the winter and shops/restaurants are closed up making the streets very quiet in comparison to the summer when boat loads of cruise boaters come through.  I like it this way more I think.  Winter is starting to show itself.  Not much snow about but ice is forming on the Yukon River, some of the boats are already out of the water and today they are taking the ferry out.  This means that if you live on the other side of the river you can’t get to town too easily until the river freezes up enough to drive across.  This may take a few weeks.  If you have to get across, it’s a helicopter ride.

I have only spent a few hours here and without the ability to drive around and see the surrounding countryside but it is already easy to see how people get ‘hooked’ on the north. I have spoken to many people who have come to the Canadian Arctic never left – choosing to call it home.  The peacefulness, solitude and beauty is unmistakable even in such a short visit.  Dawson certainly has made a great first impression for me.  I haven’t left and already looking forward to returning and spending more time here.  I can only imagine how this feeling would increase if one had a chance to explore some more.  Alas, not for me at this time.  I leave you with one last view from yesterday and bid farewell ’til we return in a week and a half to the land of global communication…


Well okay, one more just for the heck of it…



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