Dawson City Traffic

We are on standby due to a weather delay.  It has been snowing here a little bit but we have a two hour helicopter ride to our final destination.  It’s been about 3 hours of uncertainty.  Hoping to get out today but there are logistics in play that we have no control over.  We are all itching to get to the Bear Cave Mountain camp and start looking for the Ice Grizzlies.  Killing time by updating my journal and taking photographs of the street out front of our hotel.  Here is Dawson City’s traffic…


The driver of the closest pickup actually had to wait a little over 3 seconds for the other one to pass before turning.  Real world problems.  But seriously, ’tis is the first snow of the year for Dawson.  The good news is that the skiff of snow should help keep the dust under control.  Hopefully we get some word soon or we will have to venture down the road to find lunch.  We’re all hoping to miss lunch because we are on the helicopter!  Ciaou for now.

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