Return From The Wilderness

A quick post from Dawson City, Yukon again.  Things quickly feel back to ‘normal’ after travelling.  I am sitting at a desk in a hotel room after a night in a comfy bed, indoor toilet facilities and a seemingly endless supply of hot running water.  We don’t always appreciate the routine things that we have in our day to day lives.  Yesterday, our little band of photographers flew out of the Yukon wilderness after spending 11 days photographing ‘Ice Grizzlies’.  The days are short in late October at the Arctic Circle so we had to make the best of our time there.  Here are the first two images from the collection to share, one of our favourite bear “Sophie” and one of the Northern Lights that we were treated to for four straight nights near the end of the trip.  I hope to add posts here with some stories and such but for now just a teaser with these images…



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