“Theeeeyyyy’rrrre Here”

Pretty excited on Friday afternoon.  But not for the usual ‘here’s the weekend’ reason.  The Back to Bearsics charity calendars arrived from the printer!  I know, if I was so excited, why did it take me until today to post this?  Simply too engrossed in projects at THE GALLERY.  I have an extra hour this morning as daylight savings time has ended but my body didn’t get the memo.  Enough of the BS though, what’s with the calendar?

This is my fifth charity calendar and it’s title is Back to Bearsics.  A collection of black and white images of, you guessed it, bears.  Grizzly bears (and Ice Grizzlies), polar bears, Kermode bears and even a few black bears.  All profits from the sale of the calendar will be donated to charities and/or worthwhile causes.  I will try to post the recipients over the course of the year and you can look for this information in the calendar section of this blog here.

The calendars are selling for $20 again (seems like an easy amount) although printing costs did go up a little ($1.00 per calendar) and I now have to factor in GST (almost $1.00 per calendar) which is calculated into the $20.00.  The calendars will be available at several locations around Edson (and maybe a few spots further afield) and from Jayne or myself directly.

I hope you enjoy the images in the calendar and thank you (if you bought one) for your support.  Here’s the cover…

Front Cover Small

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