What’s in the Bag?

Ever get caught scratching your head trying to decide what to take with you for a photo shoot or on a trip? Ever get to a shoot or place and find yourself missing some key piece of equipment and curse yourself for your foolishness? Well, you are the only who has ever done this as the rest of us are so well organized we always know exactly what to take and never get it wrong. Yeah right! We all go through the same anguish every time we head out. Whether it is to take a couple of quick images of a special sunset or heading off on a multi-day (or week) expedition or workshop. There are lots of references out there in photocyberland (or is that cyberphotolandspace?). Here are my two bits worth…
First, I will post a list of equipment that I took or am taking on a particular mission with some rationale as to the whys and wherefores. Second, I will then try to reflect as to what worked and what didn’t. Why? Maybe just to help me remember from one trip to another so that I can reduce my stress level in the future. Maybe my insights can help someone else become a better traveling photographer. Maybe I’m just bored and need to get some ideas out of my head…

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  1. Ruben Verdesoto says:

    mi amigo un saludo de Ecuador el Odontología Local quisiera que consideraras la idea de la clínica aquí en Ecuador Tena, y preguntar de las protesis me estan preguntando para poderles entregar gracias

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