Bearly 2015 – Charity Calendar Project #1

Bearly 2015

It started last year as a personal project to share some of my many images.  A themed calendar intended for family and friends and such.  It somehow grew wings and took off.  I shouldn’t sound like I don’t know what happened – Jayne thought it was pretty good and thought I should sell it.   I certainly didn’t want the headaches of selling it and didn’t think the revenue would justify the work.  Undaunted, she suggested “do it as a fundraiser” which I think she knew would pique my interest.  In the end with basically only local sales, word of mouth marketing and a little facebook exposure we raised close to $1500.00.  I took this money with me on a dental volunteer trip to cambodia where I knew it would be well received.  It was especially effective going directly into the hands of groups who could put it to good use.  you can read the stories below of where our donations went.


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