Donations from 2015 Calendar Sales

These are the brief stories of the four people and groups that our fundraising dollars went to support in Cambodia…




Father Pedro of the Chamnom Catholic Parrish operates a Kindergarten Program serving 148 children from 4 to 6 years old.  Our funds will be used to provide meals to the children when they attend the parrish education program.  In the background of the picture you can just see where we set up our dental clinic.



The family of one of our dedicated dental helpers run a school in the city of Battambang in northern Cambodia.  They teach orphaned youth the skill of wood carving in the hopes that this will lead to productive careers.  At their facility they also teach English to neighbourhood children at the end of their regular school day.  Our funds will help offset some of their operational costs.



Syden Tiger is a guide in the city of Siem Reap (location of Angkor Wat) and works with our volunteer dental group.  He is also very involved in helping the local communities with many fundraising projects.  Our funds purchased four bicycles for a school in his village.  They are used by children to get to and from school and to run other errands over distances that would astound most of us.




This photo shows several young Cambodian men who were instrumental in making our dental trip a success.  In addition to their day jobs and working with our dental team they are involved in a group that gets young adults active in giving back to the community.  Our funds went to them to help defray the costs of another food program.  They purchase and cook food, then deliver it to patients in Phnom Penh hospitals.




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